It may be too late for Mary J. Blige, but you’re about to get some valuable insight on how to manage and your man and your money my next guest. She is an author and celebrity financial coach. She is also the CEO of MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and President and COO of Sunni Gyrl, an Entertainment and management firm where she takes empowerment to a global level. We all need to be leaning in for this conversation.

I took Xanax with severe anxiety, took twice a day. On the third day, I only felt its effect. Anxious feelings were not as strong as before. But overall, I didn’t like taking this tranquilizer. This drug suppresses emotions too much, you become some kind of iron man who does not cry and does not laugh, simply there is not even a desire, you are as if in your own world. Read more at

I’m Out Front with Dr. Lynn Richards about Your Money and Your Man.

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Written by : Nikki Woods

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