Have you heard of the terms “manifesting” or “law of attraction”? Maybe you’ve heard of a popular movie called The Secret, which explained the principles of the Law of Attraction. While some people think manifesting is a bunch of magic or woo woo garbage, those who believe in manifesting are using the process to increase their incomes and business profits.

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Manifesting is more than just wishing you had something and then expecting it to appear in your lap. The real process begins with claiming a goal – new house, 10 new clients, or $80,000 in product sales – and then recognizing the signs and opportunities that appear which can lead you to reaching that said goal.

But you have to take action.

Lack of action can stall any goal and manifesting wealth will also stall unless you take daily action. You can certainly write a wish list of things you want to attract but you can’t just nap until these things appear. They certainly will NOT appear unless you work your business and look for opportunities to reach those goals.

You also have to be aware of money blocks.

Money blocks are the limiting beliefs you consciously and subconsciously tell yourself about money. Things like, “Money is evil, having lots of money is bad, all rich people are greedy.” Sound familiar? They are your own personal brand of sabotage and if you don’t work on them, they will continue to limit the way you work with and receive money on a daily basis. Some other beliefs include..

• I’m bad with money

• There’s never enough

• I can’t make enough

• You have to work hard

• I have too much debt

• It’s a struggle to save

Most of these thoughts are subconscious, but with your most predominant beliefs you will catch yourself saying them far too many times a day to count.

When I did my first clearing on my money blocks, I had a gargantuan amount of negative thoughts, beliefs and memories to clear. And I’ll be honest, some of the stuff I did I thought was going to be an absolute waste of my time but I gave it a chance and that’s when the floodgates opened for me.

Here are three strategies to manifest more money in your business fast.

1. Get Clear

In order to manifest money now, you have to know what you actually want, how much and why. Yeah, we all wanna win accutane isotretinoin instituteofhomestaging.com/free-accutane/ lotto and travel the world, but that’s way too vague a goal to hold on during the rougher times with your limiting beliefs. You need to be so damn clear and focused to make these goals happen initially because at any moment your money blocks can and will appear. And if you’re vague on what you want or it’s not a MUST for you, your limiting beliefs will beat you every single time. So get specific! Where focus goes, energy grows.

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2. Remove Your Money Blocks

Now this step is where most people get stuck, do once and never try again or just completely bail on. This is where the real work is. You’ve got to declutter your money blocks too. There’s two ways I do it that really REALLY work for me and that is doing a forgiveness exercise. It does sound a little airy fairy, and believe me I ridiculed the idea of them both until the evidence was crystal clear.. it works!

How the forgiveness exercise works is that you list all of the limiting beliefs, thoughts and memories you’ve ever had about money on a piece of paper. Your first “session” could be pages long so you might want to set aside a good chunk of alone time to do this. Next you read through each item and say, “I forgive you, I love you, I’m sorry.” You go through the entire list and that’s it. You’ll find you won’t even be able to remember a lot of the beliefs and memories you had. Some will still be there and you work through them again at another time but that’s literally all there is to it.

3. Be Grateful

Oprah said, “The quickest way to change your life is by using gratitude”. And she was right! Practicing gratitude daily is really about seeking harmony with the universe and with yourself. We’re always fighting ourselves on something, our decisions, our appearance, our intelligence, you name it. Gratitude completely eliminates all of the fighting and allows you to become aligned with the universe which means you are aligned with your goals.

When you express gratitude for something, it enhances what it’s being directed at. Love for your family, your friends, your personal items, your future etc. Remember, it’s not actually about the words but about the energy you’re harnessing. If your affirmation is “Thank you for all my abundance” but really you feel like crap because you just got hit with an unexpected bill, it’s not going to be as effective as say when you just got home after a walk and you’re feeling really good with the endorphin release!

Taking action of any kind is what leads to long term success. Nobody shoots to the top of their game without action, whether that’s practicing their sport at a professional level or marketing their business at a beginner level.

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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