When you’re writing your media pitches, you can write it in such a way that it sounds very factual and impersonal. Or, you can write in a way that really packs an emotional punch.

By and large, most will do better with the latter approach. Of course, depending on what media outlet you’re pitching you may want to take on a professional tone. However, other times, you’ll want to aim to engage your reader’s emotions.


==> It Makes People Remember You

Journalists receive hundreds of pitches every day. Most pitches fail to draw the media professionals in emotionally.

How many emails do you receive each day that gets you to laugh, gets you to feel touched or gets you to get angry about something? How often do you feel like an email is talking directly to you and your problems and that they understand where you’re coming from?

These kinds of emails stand out. There’s a reason why YouTube videos of shocking clips, funny clips or touching clips tend to get passed around a lot. They make people feel something, and that’s memorable.

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==> It Gets You More Yeses

Pitches that evokes a lot of emotion tends to get a lot more yeses. Naturally, journalists are a lot more likely to want to say yes to something that they know is really going to impact their audience.

In other words, it has a higher chance of getting a yes immediately because it has much stronger long-term potential.

==> Develop a Stronger Audience Relationship

Finally, emotional content will help you build a much stronger bond with the media outlet’s audience.

People hearing an emotionally packed interview (based on your pitch) will feel like they can relate with you, as opposed to feeling that you’re just a stranger lecturing them on their expertise.

This translates to people connecting you, wanting to be apart of your community and finally to more loyal buyers and customers.

As an added benefit, people will also want to partner with you more. If they can tell you’re really passionate about something or that you have a way of being able to move an audience, they’re likely to want to invite you to speak at their events, do teleseminars for their audience and in general open up their customer base to you.

There are many benefits to creating a pitch with an emotional punch rather than just factual information. Adding a dose of personality is great for just about any small to medium-sized business. So make your pitch as emotionally engaging as possible.

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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