Shi Jin and you may Dae More youthful throw the aprons aside and you will stroll out to bundle its assault businesses toward sunbae

Mo Yeon can’t hold off to visit domestic and take an attractive bath and requires what Shi Jin is looking forward to

Shi Jin can’t faith Mo Yeon perform score very annoyed on him over an image this is how the woman is that have a backup option. Dae More youthful can’t believe that medical school sunbae is so a great during the to experience female in order to fall into line substitutes, tends to make him need to kill the bastard. Myung Joo and Mo Yeon was troubled within the way they went back again to discussing going back. Myung Joo believes Mo Yeon are worse of since the every she must do try imagine are unwell and you will Dae More youthful will stop are angry.

Mo Yeon pretends to-be sick whenever she goes to pick Shi Jin but he can give the woman is faking it. In fact she appears rosy cheeked probably since the she’s planning on one to oppa. Mo Yeon decides to match they and you will removes the girl phone to name brand new oppa and you may tune in to his voice. Shi Jin warns the lady to not ever label and you may tries to take the phone aside. Mo Yeon informs Shi Jin to know their better, of all the people around the globe the only she wants is actually Yoo Shi Jin. To have your this woman is almost died repeatedly, that’s how much she likes him. In order to the girl, exactly about your wil attract.

The guy trusts you to she will increase the litttle lady and you can she believes, thanking him to be an effective patron and waiting him well going back so you can Korea. Mo Yeon requires the tiny woman for her email address but she doesn’t want so it can have. The small lady thanks Mo Yeon having what you she is done and Mo Yeon secret exactly how she’ll getting whenever this woman is every grown.

Shi Jin and you can Mo Yeon take in the view on rooftop plus the sunrays dappled urban area is good. The guy teases he would like to see the girl carrying out can after that rating serious that they need ultimately observe one movie.

Shi Jin says to Mo Yeon one he’s going to see the woman back into Korea however, this woman is not to have restaurants to your healthcare Managing Movie director otherwise start teasing to your scientific school sunbae. He throws the newest material throughout the area to your Mo Yeon’s give and you may she’s very astonished they are leftover they that it entire time. He requires Mo Yeon to hang brand new rock and determine if the she productivity eventually.

Shi Jin and you may Mo Yeon is actually questioning what to do about the little woman and you can Shi Jin ways getting the girl on the proper care of the waiter while the guardian

Shi Jin has reached over to get Mo Yeon’s give as well as smile at each and every other. The digital camera pans around the on them kissing.

The women trust this new day run shirtless soldiers again and you may see that not familiar frame hence happens to be shirtless Dr. Track exercising at the front end of one’s package lol. It�s their amaze to Nursing assistant Ha and you will quite lovable. Minute Ji requires why she are unable to just big date your today and you may Nurse Ha easily will be taking off. Minute Ji secret in the event that mocospace she said some thing completely wrong but Mo Yeon ensures the girl it’s great.

Medical people delays additional to own departure and you will watches since the Korean flag try increased over the clock tower. Mo Yeon remembers the latest wake of Urk disturbance and you can everything you it performed because scientific professionals to save lives. New troops leave and everybody contours doing breeze a good picture.

Mo Yeon has returned in the Seoul today and you will fits up with Nursing assistant Ha because they are available to your health to have work, registered by Chi Hoon and you will Minute Ji finally Dr. Song. The group is back along with her and you may stay away from health wanting to know just what lays waiting for you in their mind.

Written by : Nikki Woods

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