Building a great business requires visibility and brand awareness. As an entrepreneur or influencer, getting your content, products, and services in the public eye is important to your brand.

You need a strategy to reach your ideal clients.

Pitching for the media can seem like a difficult task, especially when response rates aren’t encouraging. However, it is vital to the visibility of your brand.

Getting the attention of the media you want begins with a successful pitch.

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This means that you have to make sure that your pitch has the correct anatomy!

Below, I’ll share with you five ways to improve your pitch and be on your way to building the best brand possible.

1. Do your Research

Finding the right outlet that reaches your targeted audience is paramount to branding your business. It is all about your audience. What demographic do you want to reach? Do not forward your pitch to a random journalist in your locale. Be specific.

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For example, say your pitch is about a new book release. You would love to see the book published in the New York Times. It is not advisable to send your pitch to all the journalists on your database. Narrow it down to the relevant ones.  

Read through prior articles to determine journalists who wrote on topics similar to yours. Those are the ones you should contact. Pitching your product to the wrong journalist or media outlet will alienate your target audience.

2. Always Be Concise

Whether you are speaking over the phone or pitching via email, your message should be as clear as possible.

Make it concise and direct.

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The fact is, you have less than a minute to capture a reporter’s attention. You may want to practice with a friend to master your points.

When emailing, show the value of your pitch in the subject line. This helps to get the email opened!

Remember, reporters receive many pitches on a daily basis so get a fresh eye to review your email pitch. This keeps you from adding unnecessary details.

3. Don’t Forget to Follow up

After pitching for media via email, don’t forget to follow up with a call or another email.

Do this 2-3 days after sending your initial pitch. Reporters receive tons of calls and emails each day, making it easy for some to sit unattended to.

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If you do not get a reply, there is a possibility that the journalist did not see your pitch.

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In addition to your initial pitch, make sure you have something new to add. This proves that you are serious and stresses the importance of your pitch.

4. Establish a Good Relationship with the Media

Reporters are busy people; they always have to meet deadlines. One of the ways to build a great relationship with a reporter is to have all your essential details ready. You make their job easy, and they will look forward to working with you again. The goal is to be a resource to the media outlet, not a liability!

A good relationship with your reporter enhances publicity and consequently builds your business. This, in turn, enhances branding and increases your business revenue.

5. Don’t Neglect an Emotional approach

Journalists receive a ton of pitches daily. It’s much harder to turn down pitches that speak to their emotions. They know if they are moved, so will be their audience.

When pitching for media, a professional and straightforward tone is preferred. Nevertheless, media pitches that stir up a lot of emotions tend to stand out!

Naturally, reporters will say yes to something they connect to. They want something that will impact their readers and help develop stronger relationships with their audience.

Targeted and relevant information in your pitch through the right media outlet can build you the best brand. In addition, pitching for media can help build your brand’s visibility and awareness. This means you can be sure of generating significant revenue. If you want to learn more on pitching for media and getting a positive response, we’ve got you!

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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