Hey Rock Star!

Let me paint you a picture.

You wake up in the morning, not to crickets from your inbox or only facebook notifications chiming from your phone but to 3 new media confirmations that came in while you slept … all from a persuasive media pitch you put together in less than an hour and sent out the before.

You also have 11 new sales, a few book sales and 3 business inquiries as a result of a media mention from the previous month.

As you sip your coffee you type out a media pitch that takes you 10 minutes to pull together and BOOM, your value busting, platform growing, revenue-inducing email is on it’s merry way to get you even more media … and you don’t even have to worry about the “right” words.

You decide to take the rest of the day off … because you can and because the hundreds of hours you had to spend writing press releases, figuring out the right angle, tweaking copy and slowly killing all your brain cells are now FREE.

Yes, a spa day seems like a great idea. Let’s do this.

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