Sometimes we have more invitations than we know what to do with. But every once in a while there’s an event we’d love to be part of and have to work extra hard to be placed on the guest list.   If you’re a blogger how do you get the chance to  share your info on hot site? Here are some helpful ways for writing a guest blog post.

Identify your goals.

Similar to writing a book, before setting out to be a guest blogger, buy face accutrane determine the goals you want to achieve with your post. Are you seeking visibility for your business, brand or website? Do you want your knowledge and expertise to reach a wider audience? Knowing the intent behind your guest post and your end goal will help you target the right blogs with which to share your information.

Do your research.

Research your target blogs to understand the type of content they provide and how it’s presented. Blog owners can tell when potential guest bloggers fail to do their research. Get to know the blogs you intend to write for – what content they specialize in, their preferred format, the voice of the blog, as well as if there any topic yet to be covered.

Follow guidelines.

Most blog owners have established guidelines as to how blog ideas should be submitted for review. Don’t be so eager to be a potential contributor that you present your information in a format blog owners do not want. Thoroughly read the guidelines stated and follow them in submitting your post for consideration. 

Pitch multiple ideas.

When approaching blog owners or managers, pitch multiple ideas with various angles online accutane fast shipping and supporting points. This demonstrates that you’ve researched and know what type of information they present to their audience, and that you can present fresh ideas or a new perspective on new or existing topics. Provide several alternatives that allows owners to select what they prefer for their audience.    

Write with the blog’s audience in mind.

Not only should potential guest bloggers research and know the type of content a blog specializes in, but also the type of audience that blog caters to. Are the readers and subscribers beginners, intermediate or advanced? Are they more vocal about a certain topic over another? Do they ask for or suggest information on specific topics? Hone in on what the blog audience’s preferences and tailor your information to suit their needs. 

Provide valuable information.

When writing guest blog posts, present your information with supporting data and expert quotes. You may be tempted to infuse your article with your own opinion, however people are looking for facts, not personal opinion. Offer them research so they can be fully informed on your written topic.               

Engage readers.

As a guest blogger, it is crucial to engage the blog owner’s audience in conversation. Thank the blog owner for posting your article. Be polite and answer the questions asked by readers. Respond to their comments and thank them for taking the time to read your post. Establish rapport and build a relationship with them.                 

Promote and share.

In the same manner you would eagerly promote blog posts on your own website to buy isotretinoin global delivery your networks, be a giver and share your host’s website with your audience. Doing so allows your guest post to reach your loyal followers, as well as introduce them to your host’s website. Not only with the blog owner appreciate it, but they’ll return the favor and share your article with their networks.                    

How can you provide valuable information via guest blogging?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

When you become a guest blogger, your blog can get new readers, new followers, and new life! 

Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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