Identify your target media.

Do your research and carefully choose what you want to cover, the media outlets you want to target, and what areas of business or topics they cover. Establish and build relationships with bloggers, columnists, editors, journalists, producers and reporters. Whether you have a new book you’re releasing, a new product you’re launching, or a new business venture; ensure that what you have to say is newsworthy and relevant to the audience of your targeted media outlets.

Utilize HARO.

Utilize sites such as Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to receive media queries from journalists, producers and reporters looking for sources regarding your expertise or industry. A free tool that can help you gain more publicity, HARO offers leads for professionals in every industry to get noticed through articles, radio and TV. If you receive a query that fits your business or expertise, respond with your pitch and you could potentially land an interview for a story.

Leverage social media.

Social media is one of the simplest ways to develop relationships with your clients and gain publicity. Many media outlets use Facebook and Twitter to identify great sources for their upcoming stories. However, while social networking is an excellent tool, don’t spend all of your time running your profiles and neglect focusing on where the majority of your target audiences are or the other aspects of your business.

Write strong press releases.

Press releases with attention-grabbing headlines and strong opening paragraphs are sure to pique the interests of journalists and reporters looking for their next big story. Adding them to your website and linking them to your social accounts are great ways to generate publicity for your business. In addition, consider offering a promotional gift or ‘freebie’ to gain media attention and encourage your audience to subscribe for more benefits to help you build a community of supporters.

Set Google Alerts for your subject area.

Set Google Alerts for key terms, as well as the names of editors and reporters so you can stay informed about stories they think are important. Brainstorm keywords related to your subject area or topic and set Alerts to notify you when these identified key words appear in search results or a story including them is published. You can then review the story to see how your topic was mentioned and if/how you can provide commentary based on your expertise.

Be a philanthropist.

Write guest blog posts or columns, and offer to share your expertise through conferences and speaking engagements. Get involved with a local charity or organization that share your cause to help boost your reputation in your community and show you in a positive light. The media loves philanthropists and offering your services will help to enhance your credibility in your industry.

Win an award.

Winning an award is another great way to gain publicity via the demonstration of your authority and credibility in your field or subject area. Many of these ceremonies are free to enter and are an excellent way to network with business professionals. Do your research and target highly respected ceremonies in your industry that have the potential to gain local or trade press coverage.

How can you position your business to increase media and publicity opportunities?

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.