You’ve spent your time, energy, and attention creating a book. You’ve worked hard to write the content. You’ve created a professional-looking book cover. You’ve chosen your category, write a description and are ready to publish your book. But, you’re not done yet.

Book publishing is competitive. If you’re going to publish a book and you want to sell copies, you’re going to need to market it. You’re going to have to let your audience know that you have a book for them and it’s going to solve their problems and provide value. The following tips and ideas will help you get started.

1. Website – If you have a website, you can leverage it to sell your books. You can create a landing page to sell your book. You can also create a bookstore on your website to sell this new book and any others that may be relevant to your audience or that you’ve written.

2. Press Release – Write and distribute a press release for your book. Make sure that it’s newsworthy and talk about how your book ís topic solves a problem for your audience. Book press releases can help build awareness for your book and possibly generate media attention.

3. Blog – Write blog posts that are related to your book’s topic. For example, if you write a book on how to build a tiny house, you might write blog posts on tiny houses to attract your audience You can also guest blog on relevant blog sites to build your audience. You market your book in your blog by including a direct call to action.

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4. Email – Start building an email list and announce your book’s release to your list. You might even reward your subscribers by giving them a promotional price for your book. You can invite them to share that promotional price with a friend, too.

5. Social Media – Social media is a great opportunity to connect with your fans and to sell books. You might announce a book contest, a virtual book signing or even a chat or event to discuss your book and to answer questions. In fact, events on social media are an ideal opportunity to connect with your potential readers and sell more books.

6. YouTube – You can use video to sell your book by creating supplementary material to promote it. One step that some people have found to be useful is to create a book trailer, kind of like a commercial or a movie trailer for your book.

7. Book Groups – There are a number of groups available online that are specific to authors and readers. Look for relevant groups and join. Start connecting, sharing, and promoting one another books online.

Marketing your book can take as much time and energy as writing it. However, it wonít sell itself. If you want to sell more books, youíll have to invest a bit in creating a marketing plan and implementing it.

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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