Most business have a natural ebb and flow of clients coming in and clients going out.

But if you’re not actively working to keep fresh new leads coming in, you’ll be putting yourself in a less than desirable position if your income unexpectedly takes a sharp dive downwards.

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Whether your clients have “graduated” from your coaching program, or they no longer need your services for whatever reason – you will want to make sure you have a list of potential clients to pull from when you need to.

Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite strategies that will help you get more clients for your business.

1. Actively participate in Facebook groups.

A lot of people have been throwing around the idea that “Facebook for business is dead.” Since Facebook pages now have a very small organic reach (like, 3% — yikes!), it’s easy to assume that the whole platform is useless. Facebook pages may be going through that angsty teenager phase, but as a whole? Facebook can be a killer way to find clients and build your business.

Join Facebook groups where your ideal client might be hangin’ out. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you might want to join groups geared at bloggers or small business owners, as these are people who would need your services. Then, rather than being spammy or self-promoting, be outrageously helpful when people ask questions in the group. That is literally all there is to it! The other group members will take note of your expertise and will check out your profile (which should hopefully be linked to your business’s Facebook page and website).

2. Create blog content that is written with your ideal client in mind.

One of the best, non-spammy ways to get clients is to write blog posts that your ideal clients would want to read. Are you a personal stylist? Share tips with the most flattering styles for each body type. Are you a copywriter? Write a post about how to create an awesome “About” page. Are you a web designer? Share advice about how to use WordPress. This will not only reel them in to your site, but will also give you a chance to show the immense knowledge you have in your field.

It’s like selling without selling! You get to show off your skills without forcing anything on your readers. Ideally, you should have a link or graphic somewhere on your blog, directing people to your services page.

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3. Answer questions on Twitter.

Many people take to Twitter looking for advice and recommendations from their peers. In this tip, you’ll be searching for those people and helping them out.

Try searching for things like:

• #(keyword)help

• Hiring a (keyword)

• (keyword) recommendations

It’s very simple, but can be an incredibly effective way to find people who need what you’re selling right now. If they’re asking a question? Answer it! If they’re looking for someone to hire? Be sincere, let them know you can help, and give them a link to your portfolio. Easy peasy, friends!

4. Work with clients who have a large, engaged audience.

Easier said than done, but awhile back a blogger with a large, devoted audience contacted me to design her blog. I had no idea how she found me since my business was still fairly small at the time. After working together, I’ve gotten over 50 leads and probably more than 20 clients simply from having my link in the bottom of her site. It also led me to work with other big clients who found me through her site, which continued to grow my business, and was the single biggest turning point for me.

Instead of waiting for a big-name client, why not approach one yourself? To seal the deal, you could offer your services at a steep discount or even for free. Many people with large followings may be eager to receive free or discounted services in exchange for social media promotion or your link on their blog. It doesn’t hurt to try and can have a huge impact on your business if you approach the right person. Just make sure that if you take this route, you’re getting enough out of the collaboration.

5. Build an active social media presence. 

Social media builds trust and expands your reach. In my experience, I’ve received many clients by sharing my design work on Pinterest and Instagram. They key here is to also be a normal human being — not a salesperson. Sprinkle your business into your usual posts, sharing behind the scenes snippets whenever you can. Your clients want to do business with real people and providing your life, coupled with your business, will grow a special kind of trust that will encourage them to work with you.

Trying choosing just two of these strategies and you will get more clients in a matter of days or weeks.

Are you brainstorming different ideas on how to get new clients?

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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