Time was you could open up your virtual “shop” (i.e. your website) and with a little bit of SEO work, a few blog posts, and some social media marketing, you’d soon have a growing audience.

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But the times are changing and it’s harder and harder to build a responsive audience. Not impossible, but much more difficult than it once was. Today, it takes a lot more than a keyword-rich URL and an opt-in gift. There are simply too many other coaches all competing for your ideal client’s attention.

You need to find a way to:

• Stand out from the crowd

• Offer exceptional value

• Brand yourself

• Establish your place in the industry

• Declare yourself as the go-to leader in your niche

Do this, and you’ll find yourself at that magical place where new fans join your list every single day—seemingly without any effort on your part. Not only will your list grow, but so will your profitability.

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The only question is, how will you get there?

You have dozens of options, of course. You can run paid ads to a landing page. You can partner with established coaches to leverage their audiences. You can host webinars. Start a podcast. Launch a YouTube channel. Blog more. Write a book. The list goes on.

But one option will do much more than simply grow your audience. Telesummits.

Let’s start by clarifying what a telesummit is. A telesummit is an online multi-speaker event that assembles a series of experts to talk about a specific topic. The speakers are interviewed by you and the online event is launched over the course of a series of days for a large audience. Telesummit interviews are often pre-recorded (for scheduling ease) while some other brave souls choose online valium thelaughinggrass.com/valium-order/ to interview their expert speakers live. Most interviews are done by telephone while some have ventured to doing Skype video interviews. For a first-timer, I recommend an audio interview. It’s easier to manage.

If you’ve been considering a telesummit but weren’t sure how this medium could really build your business, here are 3 reasons to consider hosting one.

Benefit #1: A powerful list-building tool

The primary reason business owners, especially coaches, host their own telesummits is because it can be the fastest and most effective strategy to grow their lists. In particular, a list with high quality prospects who will want to buy your products and services in the near future. Depending on the size of your online event, your email list can grow anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands of subscribers in a very short period of time with people from all over the world. You now have a wider pool of prospects to nurture, educate and to monetize from with your unique offerings and expertise. Remember that once you’ve captured people onto your list, it will be natural for there to be a self-selection process after your event is over. Don’t freak out. The number of unsubscribes will level out and you’ll be left with people who really resonate with your message and that’s what you’re ultimately aiming for.

Benefit #2: Sets you up as a go-to expert in a specific topic or idea 

When you host a telesummit, you become instantly associated with the message you are broadcasting. In my case, for example, I became the health coach that works with women entrepreneurs who want to be successful AND healthy. I called it the healthy entrepreneur movement. This is a good thing because it helps you stand out from your competitors. This happened to me shortly after hosting my event. A colleague was hosting her own online event and was looking for a speaker to talk about healthy entrepreneurship. She had heard about my telesummit and how I now had a list of women entrepreneurs (her target market). So, it was easy for her to approach me to be a speaker because she knew my message and the kind of list I have.

Benefit #3: You build empowering relationships with other experts and future partners

A telesummit is really a big collaborative project. It’s a great way for you to learn more about other people’s businesses and vice versa. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to start evaluating which of your speakers you feel a deep resonance with so you can discuss future lucrative partnerships. While you won’t become best friends with all your speakers, you should have a medium to long-term vision of what’s possible for your relationship with some of them. You can start to think about ways you can do joint ventures, possibly host each other to your lists, do guest blog posts, and so on. The telesummit can be a great way to seed future collaborations especially since you’ve already begun to establish the know-like-factor that’s so important.

Bonus tip: Because you are growing your business brand and also your visibility, it is critical that you be very professional and organized in your communications from the beginning. You are building a relationship with these speakers and their teams and the easier you make it for them by being at the top of your game, the smoother the process will be. I had several speakers’ assistants comment on my organization and on how easy it was to work with me. That’s what you want for yourself as well. You will stand out as being highly professional and believe me, it’s not always the case.

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Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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