A successful PR campaign will help your business in many ways: raise awareness, add credibility, give you a positive overall image, and get that brand reputation within its community. 

However, it sounds easy but it is labor intensive and time consuming. PR trends have evolved, and the same time various PR tools have sprung up to help you face the PR challengesin orderto help you run your campaigns more effectively. And take your business to the next level.

Below you will find PR Outreach tools that will help you and your team improve productivity, make it easy to earn, andget the media attention:


Newsworthy stories are the ones that catch the eyes of reporters and journalists. And one of the oldest tricks to get the attention is to align your pitch to current news and trends. AirPRis a PR Outreach that will make it easy for you’re to make better decisions based on trending topics and article frequency,and social amplification trends. AirPR is therefore a solution you should look into.


Anewstip is considered the world’s largest media influential database which makes it incredibly easy to search for relevant journalists based on what they have tweeted or written on what’s happening to their brands and competitors.Anewstip is a startup that builds and organizes media lists, that reaches out to media with relevant messages and gets real responses from the media.


CoverageBookwill make it easy for PR to generate reports by simply copying and pasting the links of recent engagements. This platformthen produces an automated report that will include key metrics to share with the client.


Cision Communications Cloud platform will help you connect with the right media contacts in Top-Level publications through an extensive global database and PR Newswire for smart engagement and distribution of content.


Not an expert, not a problem. You still can help a reporter with HARO. Journalists will send out a request for a story, and give qualifications and issue a deadline. For industry subscribers, you will get a regular relevant source request for about three times a day. You may pitch to the journalists with answers to their inquiry. If they are interested, they will contact you directly. HARO is a robust database for sources of content and for those sources who may secure a great media coverages. Theirmonthly paid subscriptionswill not lock you into a contract. You sign up for their daily emails of media opportunities and start pitching journalists, influencers, and bloggers today!


JustReachOutcombines as PR software and all in one outreach strategists to help you get media coverage which allows you to reach out to the most relevant journalists, influencers and bloggers for your specific niche. This platform will teach you how to do PR on your own. If you are still undecided, book a demo here.


Looking for a journalist? Muck Rackis another useful outreach tool to cast a net for media contacts to get that media attention. This platform gives you the ability to search via location, keywords, content, and media outlet.


NinjaOutreachis a solid tool, with a variety of features. Which aimsto save you time that will generate a higher response rate through your PR outreach efforts.All you need to do is just type your keywords viola you will have access to millions of profiles, email addresses in their massive database.Start your risk-free 7 day Free Trial by registering here.


Your pitching to your media contact list creation can be a very tasking process. Even so with an updated list, it still not a guarantee your pitch will get the media attention you need.  No worries, you have ONEPITCH to do the work for you.PR will send out one pitch in a simple template to all verified media outlets from top level news, trade, and niche publications. Journalist will be able to contact you if your pitch sooths her requirements.Join The Free Beta here!


PitchPress is a personalizedpublic relations service based in Dublin and Belfast. It is a social media market place for fashion and related brands who want to get product placements in print and digital media.Find your brands who will want to connect with you who are defining the online channels of communication.


ProfNetwill connect you to tons of opportunity to access an interactive online community for journalists, niche bloggers, and public relations professionals. You showcase your expertise and make yourself visible for all media professionals.


Propelis a PR productivity management tool which helps you personalized you pitches in an efficient manner. It includes a time management tool where you can set reminders so nothing is missed; categorize your emails as per stage or account. And most especially, have the capability to look an analytics to see if they work. Request a demo here.


SoundBottle is similar to HARO we’re it is a FREE service that helps you connects you to expert sources with journalists and bloggers and get publicity for their business or themselves.


Sorc’daims to help people stay more productive and share interesting information across the list of writer’s previous works. ThisPR Outreach can be tailored with your personal comments referencing existing content and why the journalist should include your pitch. It is reported a personal touch can add to ROI on your marketing and boost sale which makes this platform an essential PR tool.


To earn media coverage should not be limited to online and print; your tools should also cover TV and radio coverage.TVeyeshas three packages that will match your capabilities.And have the capacity to choose to broadcast yours via regional, national, or global coverage.

The PR tools mentioned above are by no means definite as the world of public relationsis constantly changingso it is clear that this list should only be a starting point for PR professionals. Feel free to comment below for any suggestions. 

Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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