One of the first things you need to do to gain great media coverage is to create an excellent media list.

A media list documents the key media contacts who would be interested in stories about your business or area of expertise. These media contacts may include journalists, reporters, bloggers, producers, freelance writers and editors across print, online, blogs, radio and television.

Here are my top ten tips on building your media list:

  1. Your list is outdated as soon as you save it to your computer, so update constantly
  2. Media relations is about the relationship, not the list – act accordingly
  3. Use contacts to pitch, not mass blast
  4. Take time to learn about the pub, research the right reporters/editors
  5. Bad pitching burns bridges, so take time to do it right
  6. You can pull many story angles from one idea – be creative
  7. When your list is done, go out and build it again using social media
  8. Look at each journalists entire social presence to find where the opportunities/conversations are for them as an individual
  9. Use Google Alerts to find reporters covering similar stories, then add them to your list
  10. Start conversations, BE RELEVANT – contacting them in person keeps you on top of their beats, and their story requests

>> More Media equals More Money

Having a great media list is an important start when looking to engage with the media and gain media coverage for your business. Use the media to shine your light.

What if I could make it even easier for you?

Last year, in order to remove the barriers to access and make the process easier for you, my team and I decided, for the first time ever, to give you access to our contacts.

So we combed through that database and pulled out 1000 of the top producers and media outlets so that we can make it available to you.

This list represents over 20 years spent in the media business and more than 8 years of reaching out to the media on behalf of our clients.


For those of you that are ALL in, I’m also offering you a one time opportunity to get not only my 2018 Media Rolodex but also my Media Pitching Guide (worth $27 and my Comprehensive Press Release Guide (worth $97).

Plus you’ll also get a FREE 20 minute consultation with me.

That’s quite the deal, isn’t it?


Written by : Nikki Woods

I teach entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their business to 6 figures+ by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise.

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