Black Panther’s Shuri Inspires More Girls To Pursue STEM

Shuri is a marvel. No pun intended. The younger sister to T’Challa (aka the Black Panther) is the most intelligent person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and leads Wakanda, the most advanced society in the universe. She also happens to be a 16-year-old beautiful black princess who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or show her […]

Learn How to Leverage Media For International Impact

  Are you looking to get the visibility you need to build a thriving business?   Do you want tips and strategies on how to bring your book, business, and brand to the international stage?   Are you looking to make more impact and income in 2018?   Check out my conversation with Tera Carissa […]

3 Ways Media Leads to Money

It’s great to get the visibility but why not make more impact AND more income? Listen in as I talk with Willie Diefenbach-Jones of eWomensNetwork in Houston about the system that not only gets more media but gets more money. Join me in Houston on February 16th where I’m be conducting a training intensive on […]