Signature Programs

Accelerated Session/VIP Day

In this one on one session with Master Media Coach Nikki Woods, you will learn how to manage your key messages. You will learn how to keep the attention of your audience. You will learn how to anticipate what a journalist might ask. You will learn how to handle media interviews with ease.

Are you ready to go to the next level and step into the media spotlight?

Media Magnet Group Coaching

It takes skill to get the kind of media that your business or brand needs to thrive. It also takes skill to come across confident and competent in interviews and articles once you get that media! The Media Magnet Group Coaching program is an intimate group of like minded people that removes the unknown so that you learn to think the way the media think and responds.

Page One To Done Author Program

This program is for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches, Speakers & Authors who are looking to leverage their books to lead them to the pathway to reaching their audiences, massive success, speaking engagements, and revenue! Let us take you from Page One to Done!

Rock Your Own PR

Coming soon.

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