150+ Pitch Ideas To Get More Media

Bonus Material: Damn Good Press Release Template A good pitch will make or break your media outreach success. Pitches are the most important part of any media outreach plan – in fact, they are sometimes even more important than the actual interview! Without a great pitch, there would be no interview right? A juicy pitch can do Read more about 150+ Pitch Ideas To Get More Media[…]

10 Tips For Attracting Media Coverage Like a Boss

When you convince the media to report on a fundraiser or special event you’re holding, or a piece of important news affecting your business, you’re increasing the public knowledge of who you are and what you do – which can then be converted into increased visibility and sales. Here are 10 tips that will help.

There Are 6 Basic Types of Interviews. Which One is Right For You?

An interview is a conversation consisting of questions and answers about a specific topic. In the case of a media interview, the interviewer — a reporter — asks questions and the interviewee — a source — provides answers, right? Yes, but it’s not always that cut and dried. Learn about the 6 basic types of interviews.

You May Not NEED a Press Release – But Here’s Why You May Want to Write One Anyway

While I DO believe in the value of press releases and reports, the truth is, you don’t always need to write one whenever you have news to announce. But, even if you don’t really need one, it can be valuable to write one anyway.

7 Ways to Show You’re An Expert that Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Showcasing your expertise to the media and in your business so journalists and clients can clearly see you value is vital. But you don’t want to brag. Learn how to say say you’re an expert to the media without actually saying the words “I’m an expert.”

Brainstorm Your Press Release Like a Rock Star

Writing and distributing a press release is an effective way to generate awareness, traffic, and profits for your business. It can be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. However, writing a press release is a bit different than writing a blog post. It has a unique format and goals.   Download my template …  Read more about Brainstorm Your Press Release Like a Rock Star[…]

How Media Pages are Bringing Sexy Back in 5 Different Ways

Well, that may be a bit of a stretch. But you’ve been featured in the media and journalists are starting to contact you, finally recognizing you for the rockstar and expert that you are! What happens when they come to your web site and try to find information? Can they easily find what they need Read more about How Media Pages are Bringing Sexy Back in 5 Different Ways[…]

Which Low-cost Publicity Strategies Are the Best? Learn about 3.

Now you know the tools that aid in increasing your publicity but knowing about them is different from knowing how to use them. When you introduce your business on an online platform, it may seem competitive and somewhat expensive. However, regardless of the misconception that you will have to spend a huge sum of money Read more about Which Low-cost Publicity Strategies Are the Best? Learn about 3.[…]