Make sure your website up for greater impact and income!

Websites are crucial for success for every business. Just having a website isn’t enough, though. What matters is what’s on your website. Having no website or worse an ugly website can be a great way to shoot your business in the foot! Today Keenya Kelly, CEO of If You brand It, a branding and consulting […]

8 Ways To Hook the Media’s Attention

Whether you’re looking to raise your public profile, or hoping to get the word out about a new product, media coverage is one of the best ways to get your company noticed. Unfortunately though, obtaining press coverage isn’t a simple matter of firing off pitches and hoping for the best. Like all good things, successful […]

Are you an expert? Be careful you aren’t making these 5 mistakes!

As someone who works with experts all the time, I often get asked what I look for in an expert, what is it that makes someone stand out and recognizable as an industry or subject expert? If you missed the video where I talk about that. You can check that out HERE. You can also […]

Fill Your Media Plan For 2018

As 2017 winds down, it’s time to start planning our media for 2017. It can be a challenge to find new ideas to pitch, which is why we start brainstorming early on. If you know your expertise and what your audience responds to, putting ideas on your calendar shouldn’t be too hard. Below is a […]

10 Steps To Being A Bestseller Author

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? And not just any book — a bestseller? If you’ve got a blog, a course, a speech, or even just a strong opinion about a topic, you’ve got the material for a bestselling book. Technology has made it incredibly easy to publish an ebook on Amazon for the […]

What to Do When You Experience Technical Difficulties in Life and Business

You don’t want it to happen. You fool yourself into thinking that it won’t. But then it does: technical difficulties. Turns out surviving the choppiest of waters has some good lessons we can use to learn how to be resilient in everyday life. Check out this quick video below! Are you interested in learning how […]

Harvey Weinstein is Changing the Conversation about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Harvey Weinstein controversy has everyone talking about sexual harassment on the job. And then just recently, President Bush apologized for patting some woman on the butt. I talk with Natasha Bowman, attorney and author of the book “YOU CAN’T DO THAT AT WORK” about the subtleties of sexual harassment, the responsibility of entrepreneurs when […]

3 Major Mistakes Businesses Make When Pitching to Media Outlets

Having interviewed a LOT of people throughout my media career and having coached nearly as many in how to get more media for their own businesses, I have seen a pattern of 3 major mistakes businesses make when pitching to media outlets. Grab your FREE media planner!