Get More Mileage From Live Video With These Three Quick Tips

Live video is undoubtedly the hottest new marketing tool to come along in a while. Apps such as Periscope and Zoom and now Facebook Live make it dead easy to anyone with a smart phone to grab their 15 minutes of fame. And if you’re consistent, personable, and have just a bit of luck, you […]

Three Things Your Potential Clients Wish You Knew

Your market is out there, and they are looking for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re a health coach for seniors, a dating coach for middle-aged women, or a business coach for crafty people. You have a large audience, and they are eagerly anticipating the help only you can provide. Pick up this step by […]

Two Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Keep You From Earning What You’re Worth

We all do it. No matter how successful you are, at one time or another you’ll fall into the self-sabotage trap, and the price of admission is high. Your income will suffer. Your self-esteem will plummet. Your confidence will find new lows. The end result? Frustration. Burnout. Resentment (of your clients or your business). And […]

Sarah Jakes-Roberts Urges Entrepreneurs Not To Play It Safe

So many of us are willing to settle for safe but why? Today I’m Out Front with pastor, author and business woman Sarah Jakes-Roberts. Sarah will host the Evolve Women’s Conference in Denver this July. Sarah’s ministry allows her to use her experiences and influence to help other women evolve into the best versions of […]

The Art of Being Shareable for Experts, Authors, Speakers and Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder what makes some Facebook posts, videos, or blogs “go viral,” while yours are lucky to have 7 shares and two comments? Learn more about how to GET SEEN! While it might seem like some well-kept secret, the truth is it’s easy enough to create shareable content, if you put some thought and creativity […]

Webinar Magic: 3 Powerful Benefits Every Webinar Offers

Been on a webinar lately? I bet you have. The fact is, webinars are one of today’s hottest marketing trends. Each and every week, you’ll find small business owners hosting webinars about book publishing, blogging, and even how to sell T-shirts online. No matter what your niche or industry, webinars are a great option for […]

Beyond SMART: Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

If there’s one thing we know about goals, they have to be SMART, right? After all, that’s what we’ve been told for years. The only thing that matters is that your goals are specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely. Tired of Setting Goals You Never Achieve? Click HERE to get all the details! While that looks […]

7 Tips to Earning Money Before, During and After Your Live Event

The best part of planning and hosting a live event is that you’ll have so many opportunities to earn revenue. You can make money on ticket sales, t-shirts and premium swag, books, advanced product sales, and even pre-sale tickets for future events. In addition, you can sell recordings of the event itself to attendees and non-attendees […]

3 Steps to Reinvent Yourself

How do we reinvent ourselves after life altering incidents like a job loss or failed relationship? I’m out front with Monica Cost an author and expert on authentic living. She specializes in individual fulfillment and entrepreneurial success and today Monica will help us identify the tools needed for personal and professional resilience. Subscribe to my YouTube channel […]

How to Network Like a Ninja in Three Easy Steps

You know it’s critical to your success, but are you doing it with forethought and a solid strategy in place, or do you just “wing it?” Admittedly, most of us are squarely in the winging it category, but there are some quick and easy changes you can make that will put even your most important […]