6 Tips For Hiring an Intern

Identify what you’re looking for. When deciding to hire an intern, you need to know what you’re looking for. What are the most important characteristics for your intern to have? What skills do you need them to have? What do you value the most? Make a list of the attributes you’re seeking and rank them […]

Best Small Business Idea — It’s All About You

Get More Focused Jeanna Pool from Catalyst Creative writes a great ezine on marketing each month. In January she shared 5 Great Marketing Tips for 2006. Number 1 was ìStop Focusing on Youî. She declares 2016 the year of the client and exhorts you to focus totally on your clients and their needs. I think sheís right on. […]

Are You Thinking Too Small and Dooming Your Small Business To Failure?

One problem that many small business owners run into is simply thinking too small. I often have readers writing to me asking for helping to get their business ideas off the ground. I also often hear from folks who have run their small businesses into the ground. There are five key areas where you can […]

Are you living the Greatest Lie?

Have you ever felt that your life was a conveyor belt of Ö.   Go to school, graduate, get a good job with a good company, accumulate retirement savings, and use these to do everything you’d ever wanted to during your retirement? If that’s what you’ve grown up expecting you may be in for a […]

3 More Tips For Being a Creative Parent-Writer

Focus on your goals. While you’d love to retreat to your quiet, distraction-free writing world, the reality is once you become a parent the need to adapt to changes is inevitable. This doesn’t mean you’re going to stop writing, it just means you need to find creative ways of getting your writing done. If your […]

5 Ways To Unleash The Writer in You

Inspiration is everywhere. Just look around you – what inspires you? Maybe it’s being outdoors at a beautiful park or the serenity of a wooden cabin. A museum or an art gallery. Is it laughter or love? What’s your ‘muse’? What makes you feel alive and stirs up your passion? Draw on what you love […]

5 Reasons to Create an Editorial Calendar

To keep in line with your goals. If you’ve decided to start blogging, the first thing you need to do is define what your goals are for your blog. It might sound like a pain to do so, but it’s better than wondering daily “What should I write about today?” Without a plan for your […]

7 Tips For Making Money From Home

Start blogging. Blogging is one of the most popular methods people use to create a stream of income. However, be warned that it requires a lot of time and work, and you must be committed to it in order to reap the rewards. Before you decide to go this route, do your research to figure […]

7 Solid Tips For Self-Publishing Success

Identify your target reader. As a writer, before you begin to pen your story, you need to determine who is your target reader. Who do you want to share your story with? You may be tempted to say “Anyone who will read my book,” but who are you really trying to help, impact, or influence […]

4 Reasons Writers Need To Market Their Books

Connect with your target audience. Before you even begin to write a book you first need to know who you’re writing it for. Is your audience children, young adults, single moms, coaches, couples, or entrepreneurs? It’s crucial to know who your book is for in order to figure out how to connect with your intended […]