July 25, 2017


Every day, I receive hundreds of pitches from experts, authors, and coaches who want to reach the masses with their message.But the chances are — if their specialty or topic doesn’t immediately grab my attention, I won’t give it a second glance.So today I want to give you my insider
Congratulations! If you’ve been contacted by a media representative for an interview it means that your press and publicity (and media outreach) efforts have been successful. Now is the time to capitalize on that success. A great interview will help you not only share information about your company but also
Creating an excellent pitch is very important for a brand or business when it comes to successfully getting media. It is the best way you can convey your stories to the media. Simply sending them a pitch will not guarantee you media coverage. Pitching to the media can be a
Getting coverage in your local media may not have the prestige of being featured by national media outlets but it often delivers a better return on investment, especially to locally-based businesses.For small businesses, local outlets are a more realistic target for media coverage than the national press. Residents want to
A successful PR campaign will help your business in many ways: raise awareness, add credibility, give you a positive overall image, and get that brand reputation within its community. However, it sounds easy but it is labor intensive and time consuming. PR trends have evolved, and the same time various PR