20 Questions To Keep In Mind When Sketching Your Characters

What type of character am I creating? (Protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, etc.) What is my character’s personality? What’s my character’s name? How old is he/she? What is his/her background? What are his/her likes and dislikes? What are his/her nervous habits? What is his/her flaw? What does he/she care about? What past or present relationships does he/she […]

6 Top Mistakes Writers Make When Querying Agents and Publishers

Neglecting to thoroughly edit manuscripts. Many writers tend to think that because they’ve spent so much time writing their story, that what they’ve written is flawless and free of errors. As such, they don’t thoroughly read through and edit their manuscript, or hire a professional editor to review their work. When an agent or publisher […]

6 Benefits of Becoming a Published Author

Instant authority and credibility. Writing and publishing a book grants you instant authority and credibility. As a published author you’re seen as an expert in your written topic, and as such people in turn value your opinion and look to you as a reliable source of information. Publishing a book provides the foundation on which […]

10 Tips For Using Social Media To Promote Your Book

Create attractive images. With the constant influx of information available on the web, a post about your book can be easily missed among numerous other updates. To help your book update get noticed, create attention-grabbing images or graphics to pique the interest of readers. Incorporate an image of your book cover, and include a purchase […]

8 Better Ways To Meet Writing Deadlines

Create a schedule In a perfect world it’d be the easiest thing to dive into a project right away with zero interference, but that’s not the way life works. What can you do to help you get down to business? Create a schedule of your daily activities to be more productive with your time. Start […]

When a handshake is not enough: why you need a Partnership Agreement

If you set up in business with one or more other people but do not wish to set up a limited company, a partnership arrangement will be deemed to exist at law without the need for a formal contract. However, whilst a written partnership agreement is not required to form a partnership, if you wish […]

The Right Media Mix Can Make the Difference

Branding is no longer simply about visual appeal (or the cherry in the apple pie example, as given in my earlier article). Unfortunately, many graphic design firms who position themselves as advertising agencies believe that branding your corporate identity is all about developing great looking visual solutions. However, there is much more to branding than […]