How to Perform a SWOT Analysis for Your Online Business Idea

If you have an online business idea, chances are that you want to protect that idea. You will also want to do anything and everything you can in order to make that business strive and thrive.   Using a SWOT analysis for your online business idea is a great way[…]

Nine Ways to Show Your Expertise When First Starting Out

When you first start out wanting to start your own business, it can be frightening and even seem impossible. Its the old conundrum about how you can get experience without having experience. But, when you start an online business, you can make your own experience and prove your expertise with[…]

You Have A Great Idea But Do You Have Enough for a Book?

Talk to most folks and they’ll tell you that they have a great idea for a book. And to be fair, any good book starts with an idea. However, an idea isn’t enough. Sure, when Robert Kiosaki dreamed up his Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, it probably started as just[…]

Seven Common Mistakes When Making a Presentation

You may think that making mistakes is a rookie move, but you’d be surprised how many seasoned presenters make them as well. Whether you are giving a lecture, conducting a business meeting or performing a sales presentation, avoiding these seven common mistakes is paramount. What’s Wrong? Audiences are not very[…]

The Art of the Discount: How to Never Lower Your Rates Again

It’s happened to every coach and service provider at one time or another—probably more than once. You offer a proposal or contract, only to have your potential client respond with, “That sounds great, but I can’t afford it.” What do you do? For a lot of coaches, their first response[…]

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