Three Ways to Create a Media Mindset

As an entrepreneur, expert, author or speaker, getting media can be a challenge but if you believe in the value in your message then it would be a shame for your business to remain a best-kept secret. Yes, you should have a strategy but you should also make sure that your mindset is now what’s […]

Create Resistance or Creative Acceptance in Your Business: What’s It Going To Be?

Resistance is not a new word, but for many of us awareness of resistance is new. In Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, resistance is defined: “to withstand, to strive against, to exert force in opposition, to counteract, defeat or frustrate.”   Resistance is useful if there is a flu or virus around. If your body’s immune system […]

Three Ways to Create a Deeper Intimacy in Your Marriage or Relationship

Looking for ways to create a deeper intimacy in your marriage or relationship? I’m talking with Gail Crowder – a certified marriage, relationship and sex expert – who shares tips on how to reconnect emotionally and spiritually with your spouse.   Subscribe to my YouTube channel for celebrity interviews, financial and relationship advice as well […]

Video: Does It Matter? Yes!

Have you been ignoring the video, hoping it will just go away? Or worse, thinking you can accomplish the same goals without it? I’m here to tell you, the video is going nowhere. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and thousands of hours of video are uploaded each and every day. […]

3 Ways Writing a Book Can Change Your Business and Your Brand

Many experts, speakers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders are now turning their experience and expertise into books. Writing a book isn’t the right choice for every entrepreneur. Because honestly, writing it is the easy part.  It’s promoting that book that can take even more energy. But becoming a published author can be a valuable way to […]

4 Solutions for De-Stressing Your Business Starting Right Now

What if you could save an hour a day starting tomorrow? That’s 5 hours per week, or more than a half-day off. Imagine closing up shop at 11am every Friday without worrying about all the stuff that didn’t get done. You can do that when you put these 4 solutions in place, and you can […]

Master Your Emotions

Guest Post By Bob Burg and John David Mann The scene is a coffee shop called Rachel’s Famous Coffee, one of a widely-regarded worldwide chain. Jackson Hill is learning his first big lesson while in conversation with his new mentor, the honorable Judge Celia Henshaw (retired). “Your reaction wasn’t based on the facts of what […]

Say it With Confidence: 4 Ways to Discuss Rates Like a Pro

Does the topic of money make your mouth dry and your hands sweat? Do you dread that point in a conversation when someone says, “So what do you charge?” You’re not alone. Most of us have difficulty talking about money—especially when it comes to quoting prices for our own work. But if you’re going to […]

Judge Faith Explains A Recent Supreme Court Decision on Police Force and Immunity

Judge Faith – former Manhattan criminal prosecutor, legal analyst for CNN, HLN & MSNBC and judge on Judge Faith explains what a Supreme Court decision that came down earlier this week that ruled police are immune from excessive use of force cases in certain situations means.   Subscribe to my YouTube channel for celebrity interviews, financial […]

16 Tips for Giving a Successful Interview

There are a number of ways to conduct an interview on your podcast that can contribute to its success.   1. Be organized Know how long the interview will take and how many questions you plan to ask. When inviting your guest, you can then give them an idea of how much of a time […]