Do You Need To Fix Your Business?

For many businesses, there comes a time in the startup phase when cash is short, revenues are not growing fast enough and anxiety about the long-term sustainability of the business is growing.   We all go through it.   Luckily, there’s a book for that.   Building on the success of her first book , […]

3 East Ways to Identify Your IDEAL Client

If there’s one mistake that new—and sometimes even established—business owners make, it’s this: failing to develop a clear vision of her ideal client. Too often we think our service or product is “for everyone.” And while it might be true that everyone could use your help, it’s simply not possible for you and your brand […]

3 Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates

  It might just be the most stressful decision you ever have to make: what to charge? You’ve got the competition to consider, your own skill set, what you perceive to be your skills (yes, this is different from the former for most of us), what your market will pay, your location, and a host […]

Rebounding From an Abusive Relationship

Are you in an abusive relationship or have you been in one in the past? Finding show that early 60 percent of all young women have experienced abuse in a relationship. I talk with Dr. Cozette M. White on how to rebound after a violent relationship. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for celebrity interviews, financial […]

Three Ways To Overcome Procrastination In Your Business

Procrastination is the most expensive invisible cost in business today. A recent study of 10,000 U.S. employees polled, revealed that the average worker self-admitted to wasting 2.09 hours each day on non-job-related activities. Considering the average salaried employee makes $39,795, that means procrastination costs employers $10,396 per year – per employee. If you’re a high-level […]

3 Ways To Build Your Business Through The Art of Storytelling

Whether you want to touch a nerve, reach a new audience, or boost your sales, storytelling is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. As humans, we love a good story, and when it resonates with us, it can drive us to take action when nothing else can. Grab my new planner that will help […]