March is Women’s History Month and we are celebrating!

Today I talk with author and international speaker Dr. Eddie Connor whose new book WOMAN honors and uplifts the everyday woman with extraordinary dreams!     Purchase Eddie Connor’s Woman here   Subscribe to my YouTube channel for celebrity interviews, financial and relationship advice as well as tips and strategies on getting[…]

Pain Points: What You Must Know About Your Potential Clients To Build A Thriving Business

How well do you know your potential clients? Chances are you’ve developed at least a simple client avatar. You know her business, her age, her income and education levels. You know where she lives and how many kids she has and what her biggest dreams are. But do you really[…]

4 Tips on Getting Media Even If You’re Shy

Often people are scared of the idea of getting media, because they’re worried about having to promote themselves in used-car-salesman kind of way. Or they’re scared of opening themselves up and showing their vulnerabilities, of sharing their story with strangers.   But, as someone who has seen the huge impact[…]

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