8 Steps To A Successful Virtual Book Tour

So, you’ve published your book. Now what? Sales won’t come automatically without some major marketing and if you don’t have the same level of name recognition as Stephen King, then your publishing house likely isn’t setting up a book tour; in fact, before accepting new authors many publishing houses will ask them[…]

Three Strategies To Manifest More Money In Your Business Fast

Have you heard of the terms “manifesting” or “law of attraction”? Maybe you’ve heard of a popular movie called The Secret, which explained the principles of the Law of Attraction. While some people think manifesting is a bunch of magic or woo woo garbage, those who believe in manifesting are[…]

5 Fun Strategies To Get More Clients

Most business have a natural ebb and flow of clients coming in and clients going out. But if you’re not actively working to keep fresh new leads coming in, you’ll be putting yourself in a less than desirable position if your income unexpectedly takes a sharp dive downwards. Grab these[…]