8 Steps To A Successful Virtual Book Tour

So, you’ve published your book. Now what? Sales won’t come automatically without some major marketing and if you don’t have the same level of name recognition as Stephen King, then your publishing house likely isn’t setting up a book tour; in fact, before accepting new authors many publishing houses will ask them how they intend to market […]

4 Easy Strategies to Help Build Your List Quick

Your email list is your best friend when it comes to email marketing. The ideal email list contains plenty of relevant subscribers, who have all willingly given you their email address because you have promised them valuable content in return. You can learn 7 Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your List This Month for […]

3 Tips to Help Blended Families Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday

Blended families can be sticky during any season but the holidays bring about another set of challenges. I talk with power pair Lamar and Ronnie Tyler who are the creators of BlackandMarriedwithKids.com, the largest independent African American marriage and parenting site on the web. Recognized on Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 list, finalists on the Black Enterprise […]

Three Strategies To Manifest More Money In Your Business Fast

Have you heard of the terms “manifesting” or “law of attraction”? Maybe you’ve heard of a popular movie called The Secret, which explained the principles of the Law of Attraction. While some people think manifesting is a bunch of magic or woo woo garbage, those who believe in manifesting are using the process to increase […]

5 Fun Strategies To Get More Clients

Most business have a natural ebb and flow of clients coming in and clients going out. But if you’re not actively working to keep fresh new leads coming in, you’ll be putting yourself in a less than desirable position if your income unexpectedly takes a sharp dive downwards. Grab these 7 client getting emails to […]

7 Solid Tips For Self-Publishing Success

Ten years ago, self publishing carried the stigma of being the ugly step sister of the Random Houses of the world. But today, self-published books have an almost 45% share of the market (growing from 27% since February 2014), while the top five traditional publishers have fallen from 39% to 23%. It’s a numbers game: like […]

Start Small, Aim Big and Get More Media

What media outlet is on your “Big Scary Goals” list? CNN? Entrepreneur.com? Inc, Magazine? Oprah? Whatever it is, you probably realize that the odds of getting an out-of-the-blue invite to join Anderson Cooper in the Green Room are slim…at least right now. That doesn’t mean your media dreams are always going to be out of […]

4 Reasons Writers Need To Market Their Books

You would be surprised by the number of writers who are about to release a book, or have already released a book, and have zero marketing in place. Unfortunately, unless you are a genius and your work is the best book ever in the history of the entire world, you need to market your work. Trouble […]

8 Ways To Shine A Light On Your Expertise

It’s been proven that people buy from those they know, like, and trust – but a big part of building trust is having years of experience and a certain level of expertise in your field. Think about your own experiences in purchasing products or booking sessions with a coach. You may know and like someone […]

5 Tips on Pitching to the Media as an Author, Expert and Thought Leader

Author, experts and thought leaders need to be able to sell their “news” to the media and the public if they want coverage. But how do you go about garnering media coverage? You have to craft a compelling pitch. A pitch can be as simple as an email to a journalist that sells your story […]