Journalist April Ryan talks a Crazy Year in Politics

Any superlative used to describe the year in politics would be an understatement and my guest today was often in the forefront reporting and some times even making news. I’m talk with the only black female reporter covering the White House with an urban perspective, American Urban Radio Networks Bureau Chief,[…]

5 Tips for Developing a Practice of Gratitude in Business

What could gratitude and happiness possibly have to do with success on the job? Everything. There’s plenty of proof that there are health benefits to feeling grateful and happy; such feelings can reduce stress, boost your immune system, open your mind to new possibilities and make it easier to be[…]

5 Steps to Creating Quizzes that Grow Your Lists and Make Money

Aside from the fact that quizzes are a super fun way to lure in potential clients and get to know your audience better, quizzes can also work wonders for your business. The key to understanding your audience is knowing what they like and dislike. If you can get to know[…]

10 Tips for Better Facebook Live Broadcasts

Live video broadcasting used to be available only to the big players. Not anymore, with the likes of Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Facebook Live! From your smartphone or computer you can broadcast live from your home or office, and potentially reach millions of people round the world – instantly! In my[…]

Pinterest Marketing Tips: Here are 5 That Work

Is your brand—personal or professional—on Pinterest? Seventy million people are, with a large number of those being bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. The opportunities to expand your reach and meet your audience are many on Pinterest, and they come in many unique ways. Though falling under the umbrella of social media marketing, Pinterest has[…]