Four Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Holidays are supposed to be a happy time but for some people they are anything but. Stress and anxiety during the months of November and December can make the holiday season feel not-so-merry and bright. In the following video, I’m Out Front with Empowerment coach, author and award-wining advice columnist Abiola Abrams who gives us tips […]

Your System for Getting and Leveraging Media

You get the call and CNN is interested in interviewing you about your book, business or brand. You show up prepared and nail the interview but you see very little return on your efforts. Why not? You didn’t have a system for getting and leveraging that media. Check out this quick video and learn how […]

What is an Expert Platform and How Do You Build One?

A Platform is everything that you bring to the table such as your accomplishments, education, businesses awards and successes, your reputation, your contribution to your industry and what you stand for, among other things. A platform showcases you and allows people to understand who you are and how you can help them. A platform is […]

The Best Way to Nail Any Media Interview

Appearing as a guest on various podcasts, radio shows and TV interviews is a great way to gain credibility, stand out from the crowd and build your business. The pressure is on to rock this opportunity. Provide Value To The Audience! It’s just that simple. The show host invites you because they think that you […]

3 Ways To Nail Your Nonfiction Book Proposals

If you are like me, you cringe when you see a man publicly propose marriage to a girlfriend.  It is a beautiful sentiment but I am always worried about the humiliation and embarrassment the guy will feel if the answer is no. It usually takes a lot of thought, a lot of planning and a […]

5 Social Media Tips For Authors

I recently overheard someone say about Periscope, why would I take time to broadcast a message to people just to get bunch of hearts. Even if you decide a particular social media platform isn’t for you, never rule it out without considering how social media overall can be used in your favor. Here are some tips. […]

6 Benefits of Becoming a Published Author

Throughout our lives most of us have been asked what we plan to do with it.   From “what do you want to be when you grow up?,” to “What’s your major?,” not only should we have an answer but we should also be prepared to say how our choice will benefit us in the long […]

How to Grow Your Platform Using Media

I recently was featured on the Jonathan Sprinkles Show and shared tips on how to grow your platform using media. It was too good not to share. Here’s the FREE media planner I mentioned during the interview.

Social Media Is Changing Your Relationships in Business and Life

The rise of social media has left a most significant fingerprint on our society at large from starting community based movements to building businesses to influencing presidential races.   But more than anything else- it’s left its mark on our relationships. I talk with Relationship Coach Shade Butler about the impact of Social Media on Love. Subscribe […]

Thriving in Business and Life After Hitting Rock Bottom

You’ve heard that hitting rock bottom is what it often takes to climb back up but my guest today found a way to soar. I’m Out Front with Ms. Katrina Walker who in her book UNBREAKABLE: The Story Of Ms. Katrina Walker shares the story of how she not only survived after 5 marriages, homelessness […]