Book Launch Basics

Kudos to you for finishing your book! It’s a huge effort that is to be commended for sure, but don’t celebrate too much. There’s still work to be done. Here’s the thing about publishing: sales don’t just happen. You have to market your masterpiece and that starts with a launch. There’s a lot of moving […]

3 Ways Writing a Book Can Change Your Business and Your Brand

Many experts, speakers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders are now turning their experience and expertise into books. Writing a book isn’t the right choice for every entrepreneur. Because honestly, writing it is the easy part. It’s promoting that book that can take even more energy. But becoming a published author can be a valuable way to stand […]

3 Better Ways To Submit Your Press Release

One of the easiest and most effective ways of sharing exciting news about your company is distributing press releases to journalists. However, journalists receive hundreds of emails everyday from different companies who want to make into their publications, so you have to make sure that you’re applying some best practices to catch their attention. 1. […]

When Passion Meets Purpose

During this time of year, most 13 year olds are busy thinking about what gadgets they’ll be adding to their Christmas lists. But Nazhi Forrest is not your typical 13 year old. I talk with Nazhi – who is raising money for her foundation with a cake recipe she created for people battling Sickle Cell […]

More Media = More Money

More media does equal more money. But you have to make sure you have a few fundamentals in place so that you not only get more media coverage but you also are able to leverage the media once you get it. In this quick video I cover the five things you must have. A Good […]

Media, Momentum and Money

When experts, entrepreneurs, authors and other thought leaders create create a marketing plan they often neglect to include getting more media, one of the most cost-effective methods for small businesses or brands to raise awareness.  I think that the reason is simple – many are unaware of the role that media or PR plays in the visibility […]

Get More Media In Just One Hour A Week

It doesn’t take a lot to get more media. It can be done in just one hour a week. All you need is a system. In this FREE training, learn: Why making publicity a part of your weekly routine is not only a nice-to-do but a “need-to-do” What to do during that hour to leverage […]

5 Ways To Land Publicity For Your Book

After you get your family, your church members and your college roommate to buy your book, then what?  How do you spread the word outside of your circle? Here are some ways to get the kind of publicity you need for success. Set up your website. Whether you’re in the process of writing your book […]

25 Questions To Help You Identify Your Ideal Media Target Audience

(FREE GIFT ALERT – scroll all the way to the end) It’s important, particularly in PR, to identify who your target audience is to help you direct your messages and communication to the right people in a way that is meaningful to them. Once you have identified your target audience you can create aPR strategy to […]