9 Marketing Tips For First Time Authors

(Grab this FREE book marketing timeline!) OK, so you’ve written a book. It’s not a Big Six publisher (the great majority of books are published by the rest) and they don’t have much of a marketing budget. Your publisher will not be taking out ads in the Times – or anywhere else with an established […]

4 Ways to Create a Reader Community

Want to grow a passionate reader community online? Well, you’re in luck! Because today ANYONE can build a loyal following on and offline. Below are four tips to create your reader community. Get a FREE branding sheet for your book: bit.ly/brandingonesheet

7 Ways to Build Your Platform Before You Write That Book

So you want to write a book. And I guess you want to sell it too. While you’re writing, don’t forget to start on marketing activities that will pave the way to successfully launching your book. Building your author platform is the first step. The goal is to create and launch a platform that quickly […]

The Three Most Effective Book Marketing Strategies

I’m constantly amazed by the sheer number of writers who are about to release their first book, or have already released their first book, and have zero marketing in place. Get your FREE branding one sheet for your book!

10 Rules For Writing Effective Press Releases

Press releases are an essential element of any media outreach strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces. Learn 10 rules for writing effective press releases. Get a free gift at BlessMeNikki.com!

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Your Book

Today’s authors don’t always lock themselves away for two years to write. Tighter publisher budgets, fewer booksellers, more competition and the rise of ebooks has put more pressure on novelists to aggressively market their books. I talk about a few of those marketing tactics for greater book sales. Join me for a free writing and […]

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Wil Harris and The Wicker Diary

I talk with Wil Harris about his first book The Wicker Diary which releases on Amazon on October 10th. You can purchase The Wicker Diary here: www.WilHarrisAuthor.com More on The Wicker Diary: From three generations of diary entries, follow the drama and intrigue in the lives of two families as they look to the future in a sometimes […]

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Changing the story you tell yourself can and will change your life if you open up yourself to the process. If you feel stuck or trapped in any way in your life right now, check out this quick video that details a few simple ways to begin to change your story and use it to […]